What I Eat In A Day

Tik Tok: What I Eat In A Day

Being someone who is trying to workout more and eat healthier. I have shifted my eating habits and tried some new meals. I feel that this is what made me want to complete this, as one of my video assignments for the week. I tend to make breakfast my main meal of the day. As you can see, I took the time to make a full breakfast, including egg, toast, yogurt and a smoothie. I am not one to eat much for lunch, so I tend to use that as my time to “snack”. Hence, more yogurt and a rice cake. It is something pretty light, but filling. For dinner, I like to have a decent sized meal, so I made Lemon & Broccoli Pasta, a new recipe I tried from Pinterest. 

The Process: 

Since I had been using iMovie for many of my video assignments, I decided to try something new. I used TikTok to create this video, adding all the pictures and some text. The text required me to set the duration, since there were different captions for different pictures. I also, was able to find a nice song to add for the audio of this video. The song is called “Better Days” by  Mae Muller, Neiked and Polo G. Tiktok allowed me to adjust a specific part of the song that I wanted to be incorporated in my video. I think the song went well with the mood and vibe, I was trying to capture for this video. After adding all these pieces together, the video was complete. I think after making this video, I feel inspired to make more videos like this for my own use. 

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