Week 1: Summary

This week I learned so many new things, first the introduction of myself, using the many different multimedias to introduce myself was something I had never done before. I had never even used Twitter, so that was definitely a new way of expressing myself. It was a process in itself, just trying to learn how to use Twitter. I also, had never recorded anything on Soundcloud, which I found very interesting. The way I introduced myself, was a digital story for sure, because I sort of picked up where I left off, while using different media platforms. As for my YouTube introduction, that came to me pretty easy, because I had done it before for many other courses. The Joy of ds106 assignment, was the assignment that I enjoyed the most, because I loved the expression Bob Ross used while painting. I found it really easy to capture the message of inspiration that he was trying to get across. I think him explaining his painting process digitally through YouTube, allowed me to get more of an understanding of what Digital Storytelling truly is. This assignment also helped me develop the goals I want to accomplish during the course. The main idea of being able to express my creative processes through my digital work and reflect on them.  Overall, once I was able to get the hang of how to make blog post, it came easy to me. Although, before when trying to set up all of the accounts, I ran into a blank on how to create a website for this class, since I had already had one before, for one of my other classes. This sort of drove me crazy, until I finally figured out how to set it up, make posts, and create different pages for my website. I also, ran into an issue on how I wanted the layout of my website to be, and how to get to the different pages linked in my website. I eventually was able to figure it out, but I realized this was just a part of my digitally creative process. 

Week 2: Summary

During this week, I was able to learn many new forms of creativity, completing the Artistic License blog post, it allowed me to discover the many artistic abilities that I have. Like most, I mainly thought that art came from painting or drawing. Though, I realized I am an artist in many ways, whether it be art, fashion, fitness and more. While learning how to write blog post, I learned that one has to show the work itself, tell the story behind it, and narrate the process. This is what Digital Storytelling is all about and it shows that you are developing an understanding in your creativity. When completing The Daily Creates, I definitely tried some new ways of being creative, I had never really thought of what a Malaphor was, let alone try to draw one. Malaphors are usually creativity of words, but to create a visual for one, was really different. I also, think that these daily creates, allowed me to think and use my imagination. Being able to make a logo, “Amazon Echo”, and use Artistic Intelligence, was really fun. These processes were rather easy, but it allowed me to come up with ideas I had not thought of before. I think this is what showed me, that I was truly connecting to the class and being digitally creative. The Assignment Bank, allowed me to take my creativity a step further, as well as connect to the course itself. I completed the Visual, Video, and Design assignments. I was able to use different types of software for all of these assignments and allowed myself to connect to them, by using content that related to me. This week I also, took some time to customize my site a bit, changing its name, adding different menus for easier navigation, and visuals. Something that I really enjoyed this week, was being able to respond to other classmates’ work, therefore I got to see how they were able to be creative. Overall, this week I enjoyed the many processes and developments of creativity.

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