Stop Motion

Fall Inspired Decorative Table Setting

For this assignment, I decided to do a sort of decorative Fall table setting. I felt inspired to do this, since it is Fall right now. I had never done Stop Motion before, until I made this video. It took a lot of precise and steadiness to complete. This process called for me to take many pictures of me, moving the objects into place. First, I started with the rolling out the placemat, adding a decorative vase and bird to the table as well. Next, I placed the dinner plate down on the placemat, and then was the salad plate. After that, I included a bowl and a decorative napkin. I also, included a mug, and then the whole table set up was done.

This required a lot of editing to the pictures and making sure they were clean enough, to incorporate into the video. I wanted it to flow pretty well, but after seeing the final product, I can see where I could have made some adjustments. Maybe, if I had chosen a different idea for the video, then I would not have had to have my hand in the video. Though, because of the angle of the camera and the way I had to place the objects, it called for that. There was a specific way that I had to set up my phone up, so that the recording would be steady and remain accurate for this step-by-step process.

After all of the recording and editing, I decided to make a little catchy beat in Garageband to go along with the video. I chose some pianos in the loops, to accomplish this specific sound. Overall, for this being my first time taking on this form of digital creativity, I would have to say it was not bad.

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