Final Project/ Final Summary: My Fitness Journey

My Fitness Journey

The video above, is something that is very near and dear to my heart. This is something that I do not think I would have discovered, had there not been a pandemic. While yes, the pandemic has had very negative impacts, its had some positives come out of it too. In the video, I recorded and made various forms of media, in order to put everything together as one.

  1. Workout videos: I took some previous workout videos I had already made, during my times where I could not get to an actual gym and recorded my outdoor workouts. When I did get access to a gym, I recorded videos using many different types of equipment. Recording these video, called for a lot of editing and putting specific workouts in a specific order, so that it would be able to flow together cohesively. For many of the workout videos specifically, I used TikTok, because it had great transitions and great ways to edit different clips together.
  2. Workout Photos: To show some of my progress, I took many different photos, to compare what I looked like in the past, until now. This way viewers would be able to see, that it takes time and there is no set limit on how much progress should be made, during one’s fitness journey.
  3. Healthy Meals: I wanted to incorporate some of the meals, that I have eaten, throughout my journey and how it has significantly impacted me. I found myself in the beginning just working out, eating whatever, but it matters how one eats too. There are many different approaches that people can take, most of the time I found myself on a vegetarian diet. I did eat meat occassionally, but it was something that helped me to see change. I think including some of these meals, would be helpful and give some people meal ideas.
  4. Music Audio: I used Garageband, one of my favorite music making platforms. There, I played around with the loops and different beats, in order to produce a song that would go good with my video. This took a lot of just listening and editing sounds, adjusting where I put certain beats, and making sure it would not over power my narration.
  5. Narration: Fitness, as well as living a healthy lifestyle, is something that I have become very passionate about. Therefore, my narration was literally me, voicing my journey and being transparent about the steps I took to get to a certain point. I also, added this narration, so that it would allow for the various different types of media, included in the video, to work together. This is something that I also, wanted to use as motivation to others and just creating the understanding that we all can take different steps and live different types of healthy lifestyles. The overall message being, that everyone’s fitness journey is not going to be the same.
  6. Putting it all together: This is where I used iMovie, I was able to add all of my videos, photos, music, and narration, to become one. Again, I had to adjust where I wanted certain videos or photos to go, like which one would come after the other. I also had to add the music in a way that it would loop and play for the whole video. I recorded my narration in iMovie, which was really helpful in seeing everything else together and being able to talk over the music. After I did this editing, I uploaded my video to Youtube and My Fitness Journey video was complete!

Looking back on all the work that had to be done, in order to produce good results. It took a good amount of time, but I found that this was something that I wanted to share with the world even more. Not only is this a final project, but something I see myself doing in the future, to continue to motivate and make a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes it takes someone to be genuine and transparent, for people to understand they have what it takes to do it too. When making this video, so many lightbulbs went off, and I realized that I should make workout videos even more. I enjoyed the process and the people that supported me, during this journey. Even the ones, that were behind the camera, helping me record those videos.

I hope this video reaches everyone who chooses to view it well, has a good impact on them, and feels like it was worth me, sharing my story!


Final Project Progress/ Weekly Summary #13

From my previous ideas for my final project, I ended up taking a total turn in a new direction. I realized being that this project should be something that is important to me, I wanted to share a story about something that has positively impacted me.

Therefore, I will be making a video about my fitness and health journey. This video will include several workout videos, meal preps, healthy meals, different physical activities that I participate in, and most of all, the people that played apart in this journey. I will be using some of the media that I have already submitted for previous assignments as well, since they go along with this story.

Which brings me to the purpose of this story, I wanted to share this with the world, because many people like myself, have struggled with trying to live healthy lifestyles. I wanted to make this video to demonstrate that everyone takes on their fitness/health journey differently, and that is completely okay. I would hope that sharing this with the world, would allow people to know that they are not alone and it takes surrounding yourself with like-minded people to help you along the way.

The Media Break Down (Plan):

  • Various Workout Clips/Routines
  • Original Audio (of me speaking on the journey)
  • Music (I will be incorporating a song, that I plan to make while I am showing different parts of my journey)
  • Photos (w/some of the people that have helped me along the way) to demonstrate that idea of a support system
  • Videos/Photos of Different Meals

What Progress I Have Made:

(These are just some of the different clips that will be shown in my video, I compiled them all into a cohesive video for the sake of sharing my progress.)


Weekly Summary #12

For this week, we were tasked to complete 3 Mashup Assignments, 2 Remix Assignments, and 3 TDC’s.

For my 3 Mashup’s, I did “Storytelling Through Text“, which was where one of my friends and I, told a funny, but scary story through our texts. The idea was that we heard a suspicious noise in our new house and it caused us to be very scared, wondering if the house was haunted. I screen recorded the texting back and forth, to make it seem as if it was currently happening. The next Mashup I completed was, “Mashup“, which is where you merge together clips of your favorite TV show personality. I chose to do Will Smith, from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, this is one of my favorite shows. I wanted to put emphasis on Will Smith’s character in the show, as humorous and always giving people a hard time. I screen recorded some different scenes of the show with Will Smith, and then was able to edit them all together in iMovie. For my last Mashup, I completed “Animoji Karaoke“, this was one of my favorite assignments this week. I enjoyed lip syncing A Thousand Miles, by Vanessa Carlton, using my Animoji on my iPhone and screen recorded it. It was really fun to be creative with my gestures, while lip syncing with my Animoji, also I loved the fact that it looked like me.

For Remix Assignments, I completed “Your Favorite Photo? (Remixed):Where’s Waldo? It“, I took a favorite photo assignment from a previous DS106 student and added Waldo to the photo. It was their favorite photo, from a trip they took to China, I made Waldo blend in with the rest of the people in the picture. I just saved the photo and Waldo, and was able to edit him in. My second Remix was, “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (Remixed): Subtle Switcheroo”. First, I took a picture of my book shelf, with some of my favorite items included on it. Next, I did some subtle switching of the items on the shelf, and then took a picture of that. This way it would give people the ability to see if they can tell the differences made in the two photos of the book shelf.

For my 3 “TDC’s“, I did my conclusion of the witch who was assassinated by a 100 yr. old, which is where I found a picture of a witches hat left behind and a walking cane. The conclusion was as if the witch was assassinated first, but shortly after the 100 yr. old passed away as well. My second TDC, was “What’s the Magic Word?” , for the magic word I chose “creativity”. I wanted to make it something that went with the overall purpose of DS106. Lastly, I did “New Cocktail”, where I found some fruit cocktails and called them “The New Mid-Day Cocktail” using Canva.


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (Remixed): Subtle Switcheroo

Original Photo (Favorite Things)
Subtle Switcheroo (Remix)

For this assignment I decided to take a picture of my book shelf, with some of my favorite things on it. Some of those things being, items with one of my favorite colors, rose gold, some of my favorite books, memorable items like a trophy, my laptop and more.  I wanted to position the items on the shelf a specific way, in order for me to do a Subtle Switcheroo. 

To make the remix like the “side-by-side photos in magazines, can you spot the difference between the two?” I took another picture of my book shelf, in order to remix it, and did some moving around of some items, therefore it would allow people to point out some of the differences. I wanted to make some subtle adjustments that would differentiate the two pictures, so it would not be that noticeable to viewers. The purpose of this, is to see if people will be able to pick out the differences between the original photo and the switched photo. Will people overlook some of the things that have been changed?  

(Comment the differences you see in the photo!)


Your Favorite Photo? (Remixed): Where’s Waldo? It

Kendall Resnick’s Favorite Photo in China

For this assignment, I used the “Your Favorite Photo” assignment, that a previous DS106 student completed as a Visual Assignment. The Remix Generator gave me the “Where’s Waldo? It” remix card, where I had to place Waldo somewhere in a Visual or Design Assignment. Therefore, since this was a remix, I chose to add Waldo to Kendall’s favorite photo in China. 

I wanted to place Waldo, in such a way that he would sort of blend in with the other people in the photo. This way he would not stand out as much, being that he is an animated character. I was able to    download her favorite photo, download a photo of Waldo, cut him out, and then I edited Waldo onto the picture. I really enjoyed this remix, since I hadn’t really done anything like it before, and I think using this specific photo helped with the outcome of the overall Remix Assignment. 


Week #12 TDC

The Assassinated Witch & The 100 yr. old Criminal
What’s The Magic Word
New Cocktail

Animoji Karaoke

“A Thousand Miles” Lip Sync w/ Animoji

For this assignment, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to use my Animoji on my iPhone. I created my Animoji to look similar to me. Even though, we have this function on iPhone’s I have not really put it to use. My character has the same hairstyle, hair color, eye color and skin complexion as I do. I think this is the fun part about creating these type of emojis. The idea of being able to make them look like you. The song that I chose to use for this video was “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. I not only enjoy this song, but I like the scene on the movie “White Chicks” with Terry Cruise, where he sings this song.  I think for the purpose of this assignment, it allowed me to use a lot of gestures, while lip syncing the song. I think lip syncing allowed me to capture some of the emotion that the artist incorporated into the song as well. 

After playing the song on my phone and recording myself lip syncing with my Animoji, I did some editing of the screen recording and then I was done with my mashup. I think one of the challenging parts of this assignment, is making sure that the lip syncing lines up with the actual song. While also making sure the Animoji captures every word that is being said. Overall, I had fun doing this assignment and it makes me want to use my Animoji even more now.


Mashup (Will Smith)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

In my completion of this assignment, I wanted to mash together video clips of my favorite TV character (personality). The character I chose was Will Smith, from the show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. I decided to take screen recordings of many of his funny moments on the show from YouTube. His character specifically was alway comical and consisted of him joking around on various occasions. Some of those occasions being, when it was actually supposed to be a serious moment and he took it as an opportunity to be funny. I also wanted to channel in on his reactions to Carlton (his cousin), as he was always giving him a hard time. 

This process as I stated earlier, consisted of screen recording different clips of the show on my phone from YouTube. After that, I edited the screen recordings and made them a reasonable length for my mashup. I think just by viewing my mashup, one can observe the role he played in the show. I think that was the best part of watching the show, always knowing that something funny was bound to happen. Putting the clips together all came easy by using iMovie. After putting them together in iMovie, I uploaded it to YouTube and my mashup was complete. 


Storytelling Through Text

Is Our New House Haunted?

For this assignment, it allows you to tell a story through text. I decided to get one of my friends to help me with our scary, but funny story. We acted as if we were in a new house we got and were hearing weird noises. While putting this story into action, I had to screen record in the midst of our texting back and forth. We put our creative minds together, without knowing what the next person was going to say. This kept the story going and it flowed together really well. The context of the story was to make it seem like we were actually experiencing those noises, amongst our text conversation.

This process was very different, I had not done anything like it before. Though, I found this assignment to be very fun. The way that it turned out really satisfied us both, and we thought about maybe doing something like this again in the future. 

I used the screen record function on my iPhone, to record the story being told. It did take a little bit of editing afterwards, in order to take out some things at the beginning and the end. After that, the storytelling through text, was complete. I think this assignment was a great example of digital creativity and putting technology to good use. 


Weekly Summary #11

First, I would like to start off by saying that I really enjoyed this week and the assignments I was able to accomplish. I am proud of the creativity that I implemented into my video assignments.

That being said, I did the equivalent of 10 stars, which allowed me to complete 3 video assignments from the Assignment Bank. First, I wanted to do my “Favorite Moments in College“. This video assignment was very reflective and meaningful, it definitely allowed me to tell a story through some photos and videos of my college experiences. I was able to incorporate some college events and good times that I had at UMW with some of my friends. To create this video, I used iMovie to put everything together and Garageband to incorporate audio to my video. Second, I completed the “What I Eat In A Day” assignment, which is where I took pictures of what I typically eat in a day and put them together with text and audio using TikTok. I think after seeing how the video came together, I will definitely be using TikTok more, to create similar videos like this one on my own time. Last, but certainly not least, I made a “Stop Motion” video. I decided to do a Fall inspired decorative table setting. I took pictures of each item being placed on the table, and then made a video of everything happening step-by-step. After that, I made a catchy beat in Garageband and added it to the video. This took some time, in order to get the movement accurate, and I think this was the most challenging assignment for me this week. Though, I think it was definitely worth challenging myself creatively.

For this weeks 3 TDC’s, I did “The Creative Prompt Generator”, which was pretty easy and I really liked how my prompt generation included Serena Williams. I think the fun TDC for me this week, was making a “Movie Pitch with 2 Pictures”. I was able to use pictures symbolizing the movie Jaws, without using any caption. For my third one, I did me, as “If I Were A Shark-Finned Chicken”. This came pretty easy, but I loved the creativity I was able to use. I used Snapchat to make the picture, adding a cut out of my face and a moving shark fin to the body of a chicken.

As usual, I did some commenting on my peers work, as well as the posts for this week.